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Our client is a children’s nursery with approximately 30 staff. The business has a high staff turnover and the business owner prepared her own payroll. Over a period of several years, most notably following the implementation of the RTI rules, our client made several errors in the weekly payroll cycle, resulting in incorrect amounts being paid to staff and several penalties to HMRC totalling over £2,000 over a three-year period.

How we helped our client
We spoke with our client to offer a suggestion that she should outsource her payroll to a third party provider. Our client advised that this would “not be affordable”, but EQ’s specialist Payroll team made a couple of suggestions, including operating a monthly payroll to reduce the amount of processing.

As a result, our client outsourced her payroll requirements to Amber Accounting, EQ’s specialist payroll provider, and has now freed up her time to ensure that the occupancy of the nursery is maximised. The cost to our client for payroll is a fixed monthly amount agreed annually in advance and instead of this being not cost effective as our client initially thought, the business now makes more profit than ever due to the owner running her business well rather than dealing with administration matters. She has had no PAYE penalties and has successfully implemented the new pension rules. Reliable payroll has also improved her staff retention.

For more information or to discuss further, please contact our Employer Solutions Taxperts.

For further assistance with your payroll queries, please contact our Amber Accounting team on 01382 312140.

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