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R&D – Communications

Sector – Communications
Company Size – £500k Turnover
Qualifying Costs – £98,165

The company is involved in the development of video-sharing technology and the provision of a semi-automated patent analysis system. The company is a family-owned business operating in the North East of Scotland.

What type of work does the company do?
Media sharing of files is a complex area, particularly in ensuring a real-time access to the system and a uniformity of output for the end user. Often the company has to integrate its own platform with the unique requirements of browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Management of the patent analysis system allows large volumes of data to be captured and analysed.

What R&D work was completed?
The company’s development team looked at a range of problems in file sharing. The company produced an application that captured the usage of each user, allowing them to manage the size and duration of usage. This then allowed them to design an optimum storage plan to therefore provide fast and accurate data management. In the patent analysis system, the company worked on the speed and responsiveness of the user interface, user access and in the sorting of cases using a collapse animation. This allows searching across databases in an uncluttered and intuitive fashion.

What was the outcome?
As a result of the R&D claim, our client received tax savings of £24,035.

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