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R&D – Food and Drink

Sector – Food and Drink
Company Size – £5-6m Turnover
Qualifying Costs – £85,511

Our client is a family-run business, producing products for the food service sector, supplying to supermarkets and chain restaurants. This company was an existing EQ client, with the R&D opportunity being identified through the Engagement team’s knowledge of the company’s activities.

What type of work does the company do?
The company offers innovative, unique food products and is continually seeking to expand their offering to customers. The client’s R&D claim incorporated various different projects, including:

  • Extending their frozen cheese product offering by producing products using different varieties of cheeses.
  • Adapting recipes to remove certain ingredients in order to meet changing consumer tastes.
  • Developing a unique range of typically fresh restaurant products for the retail sector.

What R&D work was completed?
The company aims to offer unique products to its customers, in particular creating frozen versions of food typically only made fresh in restaurant kitchens. To achieve this, the company trialled numerous different ingredients, ensuring the integrity of the product during cooking, whilst ensuring that the products meet health and safety standards, have an appropriate shelf life, and above all look and taste appealing to the customer.

What was the outcome?
As a result of the R&D claim, our client received tax savings of £22,000.

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