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R&D – Waste Management

Sector – Waste Management, Agriculture
Company Size – £650K Turnover
Qualifying Costs – £79,420

The company is involved in the agricultural sector and has been looking at the use of waste material to provide bedding and heating for livestock.

What type of work does the company do?
In the company’s day-to-day farming operations, it produces a variety of waste materials, much of which has been unable to be used for other purposes. In the two-year claim, the company undertook some studies to determine if treating some of the waste could allow it to use it in other areas, thereby reducing its operating costs.

What R&D work was completed?
The company’s director and staff initially assessed the waste materials and considered what applications they might be used for. A whole range of possibilities were considered, but a review of livestock bedding was looked at first. By treating the waste material through a number of heating and cooling processes, a very soft bedding material was produced which maximised the wellbeing of the livestock. The material that could not be used for the bedding was then converted into fuel for burning, meaning that the farming operation was able to be fully self-sufficient in its use of waste materials.

What was the outcome?
As a result of the R&D claim, our client received tax savings of £19,855.

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