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Remuneration Planning

Our client is a large family-owned company in the East of Scotland, operating in a highly competitive environment. We were approached by the company to create a tax-efficient remuneration structure for the management team in order to assist the company in retaining its key people.

How we helped our client
There followed a period of consultation with the family and the management team and we discussed a series of solutions for the company including:

  • Provision of benefits in kind
  • School fees planning
  • Adoption of a tax-efficient investment strategy for the directors
  • Salary sacrifice
  • Use of tax-efficient share options
  • Pensions

Detailed discussions took place and the company restructured its remuneration planning over two years ago in order to put the needs of its key staff at the forefront of their objectives. Since that date, the management team have all remained in post and the company’s expansion has allowed the company to add to that team, underpinned by a remuneration model that is attractive to potential future employees.

The outcome is a company with a highly engaged and committed management team, who have helped to drive the company’s success.

For more information or to discuss further, please contact the Employer Solutions Taxperts.

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