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Our client is a professional with long-standing experience in the woodland and horticulture sectors. We were contacted in 2015 by his financial services advisor who referred us to the client, a UK national who was living and working in New Zealand, but seeking to return to the UK in 2017. The client had built up a sizeable business and investment portfolio and was concerned that realising these interests could create some significant UK tax issues, thereby restricting his ability to invest in the UK.

How we helped our client
Our client had assets in the region of £8m and therefore was concerned that inappropriate planning might trigger some highly unwelcome tax issues. Our team of experts were able to discuss matters with his financial advisor and create a strategy to repatriate assets without creating any unexpected tax issues. That work included asset positioning, our client’s requirement for income, an assessment of his inheritance position and the creation of a tax-efficient structure that would serve our client and his family over the next generation and allow a seamless transition. He’s now in Edinburgh, planning his next move, happy in the knowledge that he has no complex tax issues to wrestle with.

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