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Research & Development Claim Settled!

Our Taxperts recently completed two Research & Development (R&D) claims for an engineering client based in the East of Scotland, resulting in a client saving of £26,600!

Our client has amassed an enviable reputation providing specialist expertise to the highest standard within electrical, control and instrumentation engineering.

Over the course of 2 years, the projects all related to the pursuit of more accurate measurement of water with the goal of mobilising equipment in complex installations and achieving a low-cost, high-quality, accurate and reliable solution.

The three projects that the company developed offered a lower-than-market cost solution with an uplift in quality. A further benefit of one of the projects was a reduction in the space required to house the measuring devices. The skill and experience of the team was able to develop solutions to meet the design criteria within the cost constraints to make the products commercially viable.

R&D tax credits provide a valuable cash flow injection for eligible companies. They then have the enviable problem of how to reinvest it for the benefit of the company.

We have a 100% success rate for R&D claims, with every claim submitted having benefited the claimant company. We have completed over 300 claims and saved over £16 million for our clients, through a proactive approach in identifying and completing relevant claims. We can assess your eligibility then prepare a claim for you, if relevant. Your involvement need not take more than three or four hours and the benefits can be huge.

If you would like to discuss your own circumstances or require support, please email our Taxperts or for more information, visit our R&D page.

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