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What Does It Take To Be A Great Tax Advisor?

It is perhaps a common perception that a good tax advisor helps their clients pay the least amount of tax possible. Whilst avoiding unnecessary tax is clearly a priority, great tax advisors do so much more.

Our Taxperts are trained to go above and beyond what you might expect, for example we believe;

  • Great tax advice should be commercially appropriate – just because its technically correct doesn’t make it right,
  • Planning can have short term benefits, but shouldn’t store up longer term tax problems,
  • There should be no unexpected tax payments – you’d manage other costs, and tax is no different,
  • Longer advance notice of likely tax payments can allow for better management,
  • Great tax advisors take time to get to know their client – their business, their family and their personal objectives,
  • Forward thinking should be at the heart of great tax planning,
  • Great tax advice can be straightforward when you know client priorities and objectives.

Head of EQ Taxation, David Morrison, commented:

“We aim to set a very high bar for great advice. If you take the time to get to know the client, their business and family, then there is no boundary as to the clear benefits that it can bring. We pride ourselves on our client relationships, and ensure we identify their priorities first and foremost.  If you would like to discuss your own circumstances, our team would be happy to listen and offer our support.”

If you are looking for great tax advice, please email our EQ Taxperts or call your local office contact.

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