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R&D – Food and Drink

Sector – Food and Drink
Company Size – £12m Turnover
Qualifying Costs – £109,787

Our client is a well-established food manufacturer, supplying both chilled and frozen products to retail and food service markets.

What type of work does the company do?
The company continually seeks to expand their range of products and offer innovative food products to their customers. In addition, our client also seeks to improve their production processes and efficiencies and offer higher quality products. Work is also undertaken to adapt the company’s existing products to meet government targets and changes in consumer tastes, including healthier products that have lower salt and fat content, higher fruit and vegetable content and higher protein, without adversely affecting the consumer experience.

What R&D work was completed?
Work was undertaken to develop new products and recipes, new cooking processes and to determine suitable packaging for the company’s continually changing range of products. In doing so the flavour profile and quality, cost and shelf life of the products all had to be considered.

What was the outcome?
As a result of the R&D claim, our client received tax savings of £27,117.

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